Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bead Table Blog Hop

Sorry I am a little late with this post.

First thank you to Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures  for setting up this blog hop and providing such great beads to work with.  Here is what she sent me.  Special thanks for the darling cat head bead.

The beads seem to sort themselves into two groups, the amethyst chips forming the basis of one and the candy came stripe beads anchoring the second.

I chose to work with the amethyst group and in the spirit of the hop worked only with left overs from previous projects and repurposed materials.

Recently I've being playing around with kumihimo so I started by making a spiral braid of embroidery floss and C-Lon cord with the amethyst chips on the raised cords of the spiral.

 I added fringe to the braid using the 4 purple and white flower beads in the center.

The larger beads are strung on C-Lon to form the back.  The clasp is a repurposed brooch, I removed the original center of the flower and replaced it with a pink pearl, the same pearls used in the fringe.

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  1. This is amazing, Kathleen... I am learning to appreciate purple as I travel around this blog hop!

  2. So spectacularly dense and sensual. Love, love!

  3. Wow Kat that is amazing! I love fringe and while it is a lot of work - it is undoubtedly beautiful when it is done!

  4. This is so intricate! And you put so much work in the clasp too...that's something i tend to neglect since most times its hidden. Love this!

  5. That is stunning. I love the fringe in the front, and the back -- well, it's just as beautiful.

  6. Oh MY GOSH! Everything about your necklace is superb! The colors (and I'm not that big on purples,...usually anyway) the textures, the techniques you've showcased,...the design itself - AMAZING! Love this!!

  7. You certainly put your heart and creative soul into these pieces. Just wonderful.

  8. What a lovely necklace, Kathleen! The colors are so rich and the texture is amazing. I love how you used the brooch for the clasp. Thank you so much for being in the hop!

  9. That is a Fabulous necklace! So much gorgeous detail. Love the look and it's definitely full of my favorite colors!

  10. Oh. My. Goodness! This necklace is simply amazing! I absolutely love your design - so much texture and movement make it just stunning! Beautiful Job!

    :) Molly

  11. Yum, your purples and pinks are so beautifully done.LOVE LOVE LOVE

  12. I LOVE what you created! It is my favorite so far!! So inspiring.

  13. Your necklace is stunning - so many lovely details!!

  14. I love your necklace. If you look at mine you'll see I'm into fringe too.

  15. Wow - fantastic piece, Kathleen!!!