Saturday, July 7, 2012

Okay, busy trying to spruce up my blog, company may be coming!  As usual, I'm a bit behind on the "housework".

Thank-you Cyndi at Beading Arts for featuring my free form peyote necklaces on your blog.  I am truly honored.

Beading Arts Blog


  1. I'm the first to follow your blog!!! Follow me -

    1. Thank-you Dyanne for being my first follower!

  2. Hi, Kat!

    I enjoyed seeing your work on Beading Arts today! I'm excited to find someone else who enjoys combining freeform peyote with bead embroidery. You're incredibly talented, and I'll definitely be back!

    Speaking of bead embroidery, I cordially invite you to enter the giveaway on my blog. Have you tried Nicole's BeadBacking before? I love it.

    -- Sarah of Saturday Sequins

  3. I just heard about Nicole's BeadBacking a few days ago and am anxious to try it. Will be signing up for the giveaway as soon as I get a chance.